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– High-density fabric protects your chair from unexpected stains

– Screen print technology used for strong color fastness.

– Elastic fabric for easy application.

– Elastic band design offers perfect fit and non-slip grip.

– Available in different colors and patterns design to match any interior.

– Can be used at home, restaurants or at special events.

– Comes in a universal size, will fit most types of chairs.

– Totally machine washable


Style: modern simplicity

Material: Polyester

Suitable for the scene: office, home, hotel

The design is simple and generous, so that the chair is not cold.

Package Content

1 * Chair Cover

Weight0.12 kg
Dimensions300 × 300 × 40 cm

1pc Black, 2pc Blue feather, 2pc Cat, 2pc Elegance, 2pc European blue, 2pc European flower grey, 2pc Happy notes, 2pc Happy pony, 2pc Low, 2pc Sea sky, 2pc Spring morning, 2pc Woolen Bird Gray, 2pc Woolen Bird Yellow, 2pcs A, 2pcs B, 2pcs Black Butterfly, 2pcs Butterflies, 2pcs C, 2pcs D, 2pcs E, 2pcs Purple night, 2pcs Simple Lines, 2pcs Warm, 4pc Black, 4pc Blue feather, 4pc Cat, 4pc Elegance, 4pc European blue, 4pc European flower grey, 4pc Happy notes, 4pc Happy pony, 4pc Low, 4pc Sea sky, 4pc Spring morning, 4pc Woolen Bird Gray, 4pc Woolen Bird Yellow, 4pcs A, 4pcs B, 4pcs Black Butterfly, 4pcs Butterflies, 4pcs C, 4pcs D, 4pcs E, 4pcs Purple night, 4pcs Simple Lines, 4pcs Warm, 6pc Blue feather, 6pc Cat, 6pc Elegance, 6pc European blue, 6pc European flower grey, 6pc Happy notes, 6pc Happy pony, 6pc Low, 6pc Sea sky, 6pc Spring morning, 6pc Woolen Bird Gray, 6pc Woolen Bird Yellow, 6pcs A, 6pcs B, 6pcs Black Butterfly, 6pcs Butterflies, 6pcs C, 6pcs D, 6pcs E, 6pcs Purple night, 6pcs Simple Lines, 6pcs Warm, A, B, Black Butterfly, Blue feather, C, Cat and Dog Bodyguards, D, E, Elegance, European blue, European flower grey, Happy notes, Happy pony, Low, Purple night, Sea sky merged into 1, Simple Lines, Spring morning, The Love of Butterflies, Understand you, Warm and warm, Woolen Bird Gray, Woolen Bird Yellow


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